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Links and Resources

Below is a constantly changing of resources we have used or a still using in our journey of farming.
We have also given a short commentary on each to let you decide which fits your needs or desires.


      The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals
      This is a must read book that will open your eyes about the food you choose for your life. Michael Pollen thoughtfully composes his journey toward discovery of the American food industry. After reading this book you might find yourself pausing a moment before placing certain items in your grocery cart again.

      The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer From the People Who've Lived the Longest
      Live a happy, healthy long life by the choices you make. Those choices are examined in this book and of course choosing goat milk and goat cheese is at the top of the list.

      You Can Farm: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Start & Succeed in a Farming Enterprise
      Joel Salatin has spent decades figuring out how the small farmer can utilize sustainable methods that produce healthy land, happy animals, and healthy food. Oh and yes, he makes lots of money doing it. He graciously shares his wisdom in this book so other small farms may grow to feed our communities.

      Pastured Poultry Profits
      This is another great book from Joel Salatin that is specific to developing a small but profitable Poultry business. This is a niche that those with limited funds and acreage can easily begin with. What are you waiting for?

      Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life (P.S.)
      One familyís journey to attempt to eat local and self produced for one year. This is a fun, quick, read with recipes and insight throughout. It inspired me to try it. It will open your eyes and you will begin to find your local producers (they are out there).

      Home Cheese Making: Recipes for 75 Delicious Cheeses
      Ricki Carroll is the guru of home cheesemaking. This was my first book of cheese recipes. I started with the 30-minute mozzarella kit and was hooked. She has a wonderful website with troubleshooting tips, everything you need to make cheese at home (except the milk, of course), and she even has ongoing classes at the beginner and intermediate levels.

      The Power of Positive Thinking
      This is an old book that reminds you that positive thoughts produce positive results.

      Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University: 91 Days to Beat Debt and Build Wealth!
      We could not have started this farm without first becoming debt free. It was a long hard road. So many people (like us once) suffer deeply with problems related to not living within their means. Dave has a step by step method for becoming and remaining debt free. Remember the debtor is always the slave to the lender. Set yourselves free, follow Daveís advice.

      The Encyclopedia of Country Living
      This is a collection of accumulated knowledge that has somehow been lost through the generations as people left the farms and went to the cities to work. Unfortunately, most of us no longer have family members alive who know this stuff, but alas some of it has been captured in print.


    We cannot express enough gratitude to those people who have inspired us and so graciously opened their doors and shared their accumulated wisdom and knowledge. This is only the beginning of what we hope develops into a new and wonderful life for us. We know we have so much more to learn along our journey to becoming good stewards of the land and animals, and farmstead artisanal producers for our community. We enjoy each person we meet and each step in our evolutionary process. We embrace the slow food movement and we prefer to live at a pace more in tune with the natural rhythms of our planet. Join us sometime at the farm. After all, we are just teaching great milk how to become great cheese and cajeta.

    "Blessed are the Cheesemakers" (Monty Python, The Life of Brian)

      TLC Farm
      This is where we get our fabulous award winning goats, goat milk soaps, and goat milk lotion. Caroline is our goat mom, goat 911, great friend, and a great mentor to us. She is also the Texas representative of the American Dairy Goat Association. Oh, and Tom and I love to swap gardening stuff and jokes when he isnít off playing golf.

      Latte Da Dairy
      Anneís was the first successful dairy and cheesemaker we visited when embarking on our journey years ago. Anne really does it all being a successful breeder, hands on Grade A dairy producer, award winning cheesemaker, and on top of it all is a trained veterinarian. Our herd sire Mr. Bond comes from her great bloodlines. She is also a great mentor to us having such an amazing abundance of knowledge in all areas.

      Blue Heron Farm
      Christian and Lisa really gave us that final something that sent us over the edge towards becoming cheesemakers. They have adapted a successful and efficient business model from which we pattern ourselves after. They convinced us that we should and could become farmers. Their products are well known and loved by the surrounding Houston area markets and Home Sweet Farms CSA. Their products have been showcased by Outstanding in the Field & Houston Dairy Maids.

      Home Sweet Farm
      Farmer Brad is the leader of the developing CSA movement in Texas. He and his wife Jenny tirelessly provide education on sustainable agriculture and related political activism through regular live appearances and his own radio show broadcasts. They host interns on their farm as well as hosting a monthly market for local producers all while successfully growing and producing products for their CSA.

      Wateroak Farm
      WOW is the only word to describe the goat milk ice cream that is produced by Mark and his wife Pam. This is the richest, creamiest ice cream you will ever taste. It really blows away that cow stuff. They also make great cheese, yogurt, and other Grade A dairy products. Mark really is a master problem solver and inventor when it comes to developing solutions for the small dairy. Their dairy design was the basis for the overall design of our dairy. Thanks Mark!

      Cheese By Hand
      This website gave us the ability to learn from cheesemakers all over the country without leaving home. The interviews provided at this site kept me motivated to persevere through the hard times. Maybe one day we will be the ones being interviewed instead of the ones listening.

      Slow Food Usa
      The slow food movement started in Italy in retaliation to the fast food industry. The US now has a branch and it is spreading to cities near and far. This movement encapsulates our mission to bring good, clean food to our community.

      Polyface Farm
      This is the farm of many faces the farmstead of the sustainable guru Joel Salatin. Joel runs an open door policy on his farm (as we hope to) so that people will know where their food came from and begin to understand why that food is better. Imagine taking your family to spend a sunny afternoon visiting a cattle feed lot or a poultry processing plant (provided they would let you in) vs. visiting his farm. Now youíre getting it. Check Joelís site for many resources and educational materials.

      Fias Co Farms
      This is a great resource for all things goat created by Molly Smith. Molly also has an herbal care company for pets and people. She has great informative pictures, videos, text, and personal stories to share about her life with those wonderful creatures we love.

      Khiamara Web Hosting
      Khiamara is our web host and a great link to many others in the goat community. I first found out about them when looking for my Weck style home pasteurizer and then found that many people I met along the way recommended them as a host for our website. We have been pleased with the service they provide. Check out all their great goat goodies and goat link sites.

      Stuart Hughes Design
      Stuart is our fab web designer and good friend. He is a true artist and his talent and passion shows through in his work. Furthermore, his brilliance continues to shine as he happens to be married to one of Karenís best friends that she has known since high school. And we wonít mention how long ago that was. It is too bad they live so far from Texas, but we send regular hugs and updates via e-mail. Thanks for being patient with us Stuart!

      The Backyard Chicken
      If you ever wanted to know anything about chickens this is the site for you. Join others in the chicken community on their Forum. I consider this the place to go for chicken 911. Everyone should have chickens, they are wonderful creatures. Eric and I love to sit with a glass of wine and visit with our spoiled chickens whenever we get the chance.

      Red Caboose Winery
      We discovered this winery when one of my patients told me about W.O.W. (way out wineries). Central Texas is up and coming in the wine market and the Red Caboose has some of the best wines Central Texas has to offer. Spend a day at their beautiful winery. They are located in Meridian, the northern most gateway to the hill country of Texas. It is a short scenic drive from Waco, or DFW. Look out Fredericksburg!

      The American Dairy Goat Association promotes the growth and improvement of dairy goat breeds in the US. Here you will find links to breeders, clubs, shows, resources, and all regulatory information regarding the purebred dairy goat.

      MicroDairy Designs
      Frank Kipe has developed the perfect system for the small dairy producer at an affordable price. He researched, designed, and custom fabricated a pasteurizer that makes perfect sense for the artisan cheesemaker. Furthermore, he has worked directly with the USDA PMO so he really knows his stuff. He and his wife follow through with the personal touch driving all the way from Maryland for delivery, set up, and training in person. We really enjoyed connecting with these wonderful people.

    Movies/Educational Information

      Food, Inc.
      This is one of the most profound movies of the decade. This should be on your list of must see movies. We hope you will find yourself enlightened, disgusted, and ready to take action toward joining the food revolution in this country.

      Super Size Me
      In my opinion this documentary should be shown to all school age children, their parents, and school superintendents. It is amazing the damage that can occur from partaking in meals from some of Americaís favorite food establishments.

      The Polyface Farm DVD
      In this DVD Joel Salatin gives you a tour of his farm highlighting the management techniques that have made him so successful.

      Polyface Farm Revisited
      This is Joel Salatin presenting an update of information gathered from years of experience at his farm. More good stuff presented at a farm conference.

      Fresh the movie
      Food is life. People, you can change the food paradigm in this country. VOTE WITH YOUR FORK and it will change. Find a showing of this movie as it travels across the USA and support the change.

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