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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy for our farm as well as life is based on years of research layered with a variety of life experiences. We practice and promote a respect for the land, nature and the natural rhythm of life.

  • We strive to create a sustainable farm and lifestyle which respects the uniqueness and qualities of the animals in our care and the environment they live in.

  • We participate in the daily care of our animals providing them the most natural food sources and environment with only supplemental feeds and mineral choices. We strive to be pesticide and hormone free. If we use a medication, the milk will not be used to make our products until deemed safe. Our animals are our family and friends so for us the best care possible is our utmost priority. We feel happy animals make us good food.

  • We strive to promote and produce products that celebrate and reveal the character of true Texas Terroir (special characteristics bestowed by the environment). We feel this is best achieved through proper management and care of the land and a respect for the traits of the animals in our care.

  • We strive to produce Artisanal (handcrafted) Farmstead products using natural, fresh ingredients, and, when possible, include fresh ingredients from our farm.

  • Our goal is to promote the locavore movement of eating and purchasing foods grown and produced locally. We plan to stay a small farm in order to promote this movement with the hopes that other farms will follow this model. We believe this is necessary to reduce the impact on the environment and provide the safest and nutritious food sources possible.

  • We feel part of our mission is to educate the public on the value and benefits of fresh foods grown and produced locally. We want our customers and community to think about where their food comes from.

  • We operate with an open door policy. The public should be able to view first hand where their food comes from. We welcome visitors to our farm as we are confident and proud of the care our animals receive and ultimately the quality of our product. If you are interested in touring our farm please contact us in advance. Since this is a working farm and dairy we work a very busy schedule. This will allow us to devote quality time to give you a tour of the farm, facilities and future growth.

  • We also feel that we must change and adjust to the ever changing needs of our animals and the community. Though we strive to make the best dairy goat products we can, we will continue to explore and pursue other avenues of farmstead products to further the availability of locally grown, quality, natural products in the central Texas area.

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Purebred Nubian Goats, Artisanal Goat Cheese

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