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Caprino Royale Farm

Our farm consists of 50 acres of farm and ranch land left untouched for 25+ years.

We have done minimal clearing and only necessary fencing to contain and protect our animals safely and also to protect and encourage the natural vegetation which is comprised of mainly weeds, natural grasses and brush. This type of vegetation makes our farm a superior environment for dairy goats. We are located in central Texas north of Waco and a short drive from the Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex.

Our herd consists of purebred registered Nubians.

We maintain a closed herd. We chose Nubians, after much research, for their superior quality of milk, high butterfat content, and friendly disposition (not to mention, we like their big floppy ears). Their diet consists of a browse based organic pasture, supplemental hay, and supplemental grain in order to ensure the best quality milk possible.

As our farm grows all of our livestock will be raised in a pasture based environment.

We feel this allows the animals to live a more natural, quality filled, and happy life. Allowing the animals to mimic a more natural rotation of pasture and browse gives them a healthy environment significantly reducing the need for man made interventions such as antibiotics, herbicides, and pesticides. Our centerpiece enterprise includes dairy goats, cheese, and other dairy products. We have plans to add other pasture based products in the near future. Keep checking back for our updates.

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Purebred Nubian Goats, Artisanal Goat Cheese

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