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We Are Caprino Royale

Eric was born in Waco, Texas but mostly grew up in Ft. Worth.

He spent much of his youth on family farms in both Waco and Gatesville, collecting skills he would later use in a new life on his own farm. He spent much of his teenage years on the back of a hay truck or traveling the country shooting competitively. With a prep school education in his pocket, he entered the University of Texas at Austin, but, disillusioned with his future, quit to pursue many different job choices including iron worker, carpenter, land surveyor, bicycle mechanic, daycare teacher and a whole slew of other jobs before deciding to return to college. Little did he know that he had gained the skills necessary to, someday, build his own farm.

Finally, he received his B.A. in Psychology, and after a short career in competitive cycling he completed his Masters in Education. At this point he set out to make a difference working mainly in low income schools across several states in the U.S. Always working and searching for a challenge he continued to chase his dreams searching for the next experience that would give him the peace of mind he desired and the country life he wanted to return to.

Karen was born in Dallas, Texas growing up a frustrated city girl.

Karenís childhood consisted of a typical city lifestyle lacking the experiences of the country. To get out of the city, she would camp, hike, and bike as much as she could. Growing up, she developed her culinary tastes and skills as well as her love for cooking and creating. Karen moved to San Marcos, Texas to pursue her Bachelors in Psychology. After graduating and experiencing jobs that left her unfulfilled she returned to college and obtained her Masters in Occupational Therapy at Texas Womenís University.

With her education in place she set off to take the world of occupational therapy by storm. She quickly moved up the ranks becoming a therapy manager and later attaining the credentials of certified hand therapist, certified ergonomic assessment specialist, and certified work capacity evaluator and climbed to the top of the ladder in her field. Even with her accolades she continued to feel unfulfilled in life and yearned for something different. She wanted to fulfill a childhood dream of living on a farm and caring for animals. Karen felt animals are good people.

Karen and Eric met in a bike shop in Austin, Texas.

Little did they know that flirtatious behavior and a prickly pear margarita would lead to a life long love, friendship and marriage. After their wedding on mountain bikes they moved to Northern Nevada to experience the mountain life, but after a few years, found the pull of Texas too strong and had to return to their roots, (oh, except for a short 6 month move to Tucson Arizona, way too hot). Succumbing to the belief that they must live in a city to build their careers they moved back to San Antonio, Texas. Within 6 months they knew they had made a mistake and spent the next 2 years searching for a new life. They literally built skills by having to remodel and flip the house they were living in so they could quickly move. They also traveled the state visiting wineries and acclaimed restaurants building a knowledge and appreciation for the culinary uniqueness and quality that Texas has to offer.

After a short, unexpected conversation between Eric and his mother a portion of the family farm in Waco was theirs. Next came the whirlwind move to Waco and the daily search to find what to do with the land. They built a house and began their process of discovery. After much research and many trips around the state of Texas visiting farms they finally listened to the land and chose a goat dairy and cheese factory. This was, however, only one enterprise as their entrepreneurial spirits would lead them to evolve into other products. They also yearned to live a more sustainable lifestyle eating what they grew, living healthier, and following the natural flow of life. They coupled their life experiences, desire for quality food, knowledge of health and desire for something more in their life giving birth to Caprino Royale.

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